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Everyday Ayurveda: Living in Harmony with Nature w/ Katherine Metzo

Everyday Ayurveda is the second installment in Katherine Metzo's "Beyond Asana" series. In this workshop you will earn how to identify your individual "constitution" and work with the 5 elements as they affect you day to day.

Early registration $25
Day of $30
Register Now through our regular class schedule.
(You may also purchase the entire Beyond Asana workshop series as a package for $125)

{Beyond Asana Spring Workshop Series}

"Asana" is the Sanskrit word that describes the physical postures we practice in our yoga classes. There's so much more to yoga than a physical practice and when we can tap into some of those techniques we can optimize our well-being. Join Katherine Metzo for any or all parts of this 5-part workshop series this spring.
Attend all 5 and receive a complimentary self-care gift package!

3/17 Beginner's Mind: Foundations of Meditation
4/21 Everyday Ayurveda: Living in Harmony with Nature
5/19 Rooted + Creative: Exploring Chakras 1 & 2
5/19 Committed and Compassionate: Exploring Chakras 3 & 4
6/9 Connecting to your Highest Self: Chakras 5, 6, & 7