Ashtanga Elements

sunday 8am {mysore style}; Monday 7:15pm {led 1/2 primary}; Tuesday + Thursday 6am {Mysore style}

A vigorous practice that draws from the Ashtanga Primary Series. Ashtanga yoga is the "father" of vinyasa and power flow and is named for the 8 Limbed Path described in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. This highly disciplined practice promotes internal heat, sweat, detoxification, and may result in improved circulation, a light and strong body, and a calm mind.
{Monday 7:15pm} a led version of the 1/2 primary series including options for use of props and modifications. Occasionally we will pause and focus on specific areas and advanced versions of postures so that you have time to learn and ask questions. The led practice lasts about 75 min.
{Sunday 8am, Tuesday + Thursday 6am} practiced in the "Mysore" style, which is at your own pace. With your teacher's guidance, you will learn the sequence through repetition and move to the next pose only when you're ready. You may arrive anytime between 8-9am on Sunday and 6-7am on Tue + Thu to begin your practice, the practice window is 2 hours.


Stretch + Restore

tuesday + Thursday 7:15pm

 An accessible practice of mainly seated and reclining postures on the floor, using props to gently support you in each pose. This practice includes longer holds coupled with breath and mindfulness as a tool for deep release and relaxation. The postures in this practice are approached gently, targeting muscles and connective tissues for increased flexibility, and using meditation as a tool for grounding. Think "yin with props." An important balance from your movement-based classes and busy lifestyle, this is a necessary class for all bodies.

All Levels Flow

Sunday 5pm, Tuesday + thursday 9am

In this moderately paced class, movement is synchronized with the breath. It is often called flow yoga because of the smooth way that the poses run together and become like a dance. This challenging, well-rounded practice is helpful in building strength, stamina, and flexibility, while learning to find your edge and taking care of your body. All levels welcome.
The Sunday evening class is donation-based and alternates weeks with Holy Yoga Flow, a Christ-centered practice including contemporary Christian music, devotion, and prayer.

Empower Flow

wednesday 7:15pm, friday 6pm, saturday 8:15am

Take your practice to the next level with this alignment-based empowering flow class. This is a practice in moving through poses in a fully integrated way with a sharp focus on breath, intention, and alignment in order to build strength, stamina, and flexibility, and grow your practice. Although all levels are welcome, advanced asana (poses) and pranayama (breath work) will be offered.  Please honor your body and practice with authenticity!


Slow Flow

sunday 8am; Monday + Wednesday 6pm; Saturday 9:30am

This is a strong but slower paced version of a vinyasa flow class, designed to place more focus on breath, body awareness, alignment, and intention. Movements are slower and postures may be held for a longer period of time building strength, stability, flexibility, and deeper awareness. We invite beginners and seasoned practitioners of all shapes, sizes and age groups to approach this challenging but accessible practice from a place of mindfulness and peace.



Yoga Ease

monday, wednesday, + friday 9am; Monday + Wednesday 6:30pm

This class is a mix of gentle styles of yoga and is generally suitable for all students. The practice is therapeutic in nature and may combine gentle, flowing movements + standing poses with low and slow stretching at the floor. "Yoga as therapy" for absolutely all bodies. Great for beginners, athletes, seniors, injury rehabilitation, pregnant women, and anyone else who could use some ease and softness in their life and yoga practice.
Also includes: Yin + Flow, Gentle Flow, + Therapeutic Yoga

Yoga for Back + Neck

tuesday 6pm

Strong back and core muscles work together to keep your spine aligned and comfortable. This class will focus on strengthening, lengthening, and regaining healthy posture.

This class can help with:

  • Headaches and neck pain
  • Tight, achy back caused by prolonged sitting or poor posture
  • Back pain caused by repetitive, asymmetrical movement
  • Mild scoliosis or imbalance of muscle groups

If you have severe back pain, prior/impending spinal surgery, or a serious diagnosed spinal condition or injury, you must consult your physician to determine if yoga is safe for you. Some spinal conditions will not benefit from yoga.

seated twist.jpg

Essential Yoga Flow (beginner friendly!)

Thursday 6pm

This class combines basic flowing sequences and workshop-style moments, teaching foundational postures and transitions, pausing to break down alignment cues and address modifications and questions. Great for beginners as well as advanced practitioners who are interested in getting back to the fundamentals of alignment, breath, and body awareness. Bring any questions you might have about anything yoga!

Self-Care Sundays

Sunday 6:30pm

Sunday Nights at On Track Yoga are for slowing down and setting intentions for your week. Class styles + teachers will vary but rest assured this class will always provide a nourishing, easeful way to start your week.
Classes in this series will rotate between Restorative Yoga practices, Yin, Yoga Nidra, and other special offerings.

Aerial Yoga

Friday 7:15pm;

A combination of traditional yoga poses done on the floor, and postures practiced using a soft fabric “trapeze”, or “sling”, suspended at waist height. In aerial yoga our body weight is distributed between the fabric and the floor, allowing us to access traditional yoga postures in new ways. Some benefits of aerial yoga are increased strength, easier alignment and decompression of the joints, especially the spine, with the help of gravity. Also, it's really FUN! Aerial Yoga was designed for anyone of any age or fitness level. Complete beginners to yoga and/or aerial will be right at home, with everyone working at their own level. If you have any physical limitations or concerns, consult with your doctor first.
Space is very limited for Aerial Yoga, pre-registration is recommended! 
NOTE: If you cancel your registration the day of class, you WILL be charged for the class. (If you are on an unlimited membership, you will receive a $10 charge on your account or credit card on file)