Yoga is an empowering practice that can help us to build physical strength, stamina, and flexibility. As we deepen our practice, many of us begin to come to our mats for many different reasons- to find peace, to find stillness, to practice mindfulness, to observe. To love what is. To find gratitude. To grow. To pray...

We believe yoga is for everyone. We believe that each posture should be practiced to fit each unique body and mind. We invite You to join us in building a community that inspires and supports reduced stress and healthy living, creating a meaningful practice to help keep you On Track!


2014 New Year Challenge!

January 16, 2014

Building Your Practice Workshop Series

January 6, 2014

Revealing Intention: A New Year's Eve Practice

December 23, 2013

Eating for Health through the Winter Season

November 26, 2013

Beyond Asana: Thriving During the Holidays

October 30, 2013

Summer Elemental Yoga Workshop

July 18, 2013

Grand Opening Event June 1st!

May 11, 2013

May Karma Yoga

May 5, 2013

All proceeds from our weekly karma classes during the month of May will benefit the Brain Injury Association of NC! 
Come check out 7:30pm Friday Night Chill and Saturday 12pm Flow each week to help support this cause and create awareness of traumatic brain injury in our community.

Brain injury changes lives and affects families. It is the leading cause of death and disability among young people in North Carolina. Brain injury affects 5 times more people annually than breast cancer, HIV/AIDS, spinal cord injury, and MS combined. Brain injury can strike anyone, at anytime, anywhere, and is a growing problem.

  • Specialized training would better equip our schools’ faculties to appropriately serve children with a brain injury in the classroom.

  • Sports and recreational concussions have increased by 60% in the last decade. Youth sport coaching staffs would benefit from more information about concussion prevention and post-concussion care.

  • There is a significant increase of brain injury among returning military service members who will require long-term care in North Carolina communities. Military families do not qualify for Veterans’ services, and need a great deal of training and support.

  • Brain injury is a major public health concern from both a financial and a social perspective, which is not addressed in our current health care system.

For more info about this organization, please visit