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Chakras-Balancing Yoga Workshop with Jheni Solis

The word "chakra" refers to one of many energy centers in the body. Originating from Sanskrit, it literally means “wheel” by association with its function as a vortex of spinning energy interacting with various physiological and neurological systems in the body. In this workshop, Jheni will focus on the 7 main chakras, which run along the spine, beginning at the base and ending at the crown of your head.

This workshop will include:

  • 30 minute overview of the Chakras
  • 75 minute Chakras-Balancing Yoga Practice
  • 15 minute Meditation + Pranayama

Cost: $35
Early Registration by Friday, 1/26: $25
Register Here

*2 Contact Hour CEUs available for Yoga Alliance registered instructors.