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Spring Self-Care Workshop

Intro to Ayurveda + Dinacharya with Lisa Myers

Spring is the perfect time for cleansing!We often take this opportunity to clean out the clutter in our home or do some sort of spring cleanse for our diet,but what about overall lifestyle? What can we do to make our healthy habits stick?

'Dinacharya' means 'Daily routine' in Ayurveda. Just like yoga, creating lasting change is a daily practice. Dinacharya is a way to begin implementing small daily habits in order to be successful at creating lasting change in our lives and health. 

At this workshop you will learn about Ayurvedic daily habits that can help you feel better each day and have more clarity in your life to achieve your goals and stay on track. Workshop participants will also receive a small bag of tools to help you create a dinacharya routine that works for you. 

Cost: $45
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