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2019 February Challenge

Our number one goal at OTY has always been creating a space for community connection as well as your personal yoga practice. Whether you’re new to yoga or you have been practicing for a long time, there’s never a bad time to create community and accountability together!

This February we invite you to join us on a journey of living yoga on and off the mat, committing to your health and wellness, encouraging and holding space for others who want to do the same!

Our program for this February includes several special offerings including 2 full workshops, special Friday night classes each week, a drawing for some complimentary yoga + retail items at the end of the challenge, and some other little things along the way.

Any and all parts of this challenge are optional, there are no required additional purchases to join, but we do want to offer the following packages (available on ScheduleBliss) for those of you who really want to dial in your yoga practice during this time:

  • Feb Challenge Package 1

    • Unlimited Yoga Classes (2/1-3/1) + both workshops - $125

  • Feb Challenge Package 2

    • Workshops Only - $45 for both ($35 for Current Auto-draft members, please see a staff member to purchase with the discount)

2/1 Chakra Balancing Yoga with Jheni Solis
2/10 Yoga Roots with Natalie Glaus

Friday 6:30pm Happy Hour Classes:
2/8 - TBA with Sarah Glick
2/15 - Self-Love with Bethani Cogburn
2/22 - Yoga of the Breath with Aman Agah
3/1 - Restore + Renew with Rachael Harper, Challenge Wrap Party + Potluck to follow!

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{More details to come!}