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Unity Yoga Unveiled with Martha Blanchard

Unity Yoga is a wonderfully complex practice that is brilliantly designed to trick your mind, confuse your nervous system, and clear negative energy, creating positive forces so you can enjoy a wonderfully deep, healing savasana.

Part 1: Jan 12
Join Martha in January as we break down the asana (postures) and pranayama (breath) of a sequence that contains all ranges of movement. Yoga is technique and building blocks - many of us are taking shortcuts to achieve postures that are not meant for YOUR body. Unity yoga helps you understand your stable body and its limitations, how to overcome roadblocks you may encounter safely.
Part 2: Feb 9
After you practice streamlining your Unity practice, (6:30pm Tue + Thu with Martha), we will meet in February and  take the same sequence and postures to the next level dialing down to a true meditation of movement, bringing the postures to the edge according to your range of movement so you can achieve the most from your practice.
Part 3: Mar 2
March, continues the layering with Mantra, advanced postures, and flight.

ONLY 17 spots available, this practice WILL sell out, so register early
$35.00 per class OR register for all 3 Before Jan 12th for $90
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