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Beginner's Mind: Foundations of Meditation with Katherine Metzo

Beginner's Mind is the first installment in Katherine Metzo's "Beyond Asana" series, this workshop explores the science and practice of meditation, giving students useful tools for starting their personal meditation practice.
No prior experience needed, all are welcome.

Early registration $25
Day of $30
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through our regular class schedule.
(You may also purchase the entire Beyond Asana workshop series as a package for $125)

{Beyond Asana Spring Workshop Series}

"Asana" is the Sanskrit word that describes the physical postures we practice in our yoga classes. There's so much more to yoga than a physical practice and when we can tap into some of those techniques we can optimize our well-being. Join Katherine Metzo for any or all parts of this 5-part workshop series this spring.
Attend all 5 and receive a complimentary self-care gift package!

3/17 Beginner's Mind: Foundations of Meditation
4/21 Everyday Ayurveda: Living in Harmony with Nature
5/19 Rooted + Creative: Exploring Chakras 1 & 2
5/19 Committed and Compassionate: Exploring Chakras 3 & 4
6/9 Connecting to your Highest Self: Chakras 5, 6, & 7