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Home Apothecary Workshop Mini-Series with Katherine

Attend one or both workshops in this series!

Essential Oil Basics
Friday, 9/9
7:30-9 PM

Essential oils have a long history as a powerful tool for healing. This workshop covers how essential oils are created and how they can be used therapeutically. We will review basic safety guidelines and explore several favorite essential oils (lavender, peppermint, orange, and others). At the end, each student will create a custom blend to take home and enjoy. 

cost: $20
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Plants that Heal: building a natural medicine cabinet
Saturday, 9/10
1-5 PM: 

As yoga students, we often gravitate to nutrition and "natural" medicines to help us thrive. For many of us, this is new territory and it can be difficult to make sense of all we hear. If you have a serious medical condition, this workshop is not a substitute for working with a qualified health care professional. What this workshop does offer is tools to begin a safe exploration of healing plants. 

Topics include:

  • Defining the types of plant preparations: teas, tinctures, flower essences, essential oils, and more!
  • Ayurveda and herbs
  • Plants for wellness versus plants for healing
  • Foraging, weeds, and safe harvesting
  • How to talk with your primary care physician, pharmacist, and other health care professional about herbal remedies
  • Simple herbal preparations to optimize your wellness during cold and flu season

Each student will leave with a goody bag that includes a booklet of checklists and recipes to help them begin to explore on their own. In addition to her training in therapeutic yoga, which includes training in Ayurveda and essential oils, Katherine has done research in Siberia on traditional healing practices. Her training as an anthropologist informs her approach to balancing folk wisdom with a science-based approach to medicinal plants. 

Cost: $65
*Early Bird: $50 by 8/15

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