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Holiday Yin Yoga for Peace + Joy

This evening candlelit holiday yin yoga class will offer the space to slow down and stay with our experiences rather than always rushing and striving to achieve. This is particularly helpful with our navigation through the holiday season. Each posture will be held for several minutes and there is an encouragement of softness and relaxing of the muscle tissue in order to reach the deeper connective tissue and energetic pathways in the body. While our physical bodies integrate through the stillness, we become aware of the various fluctuations of the body and fluctuations of mind, emotion and breath. This stillness brings a sense of harmony and peace. A guided meditation during the practice will invite us to go deeper, to explore our inner landscapes with acceptance and compassion. A practice such as this can give us space to appreciate that life is precious and it is a great privilege to be in this body. Imbibe the spirit of the holidays by de-cluttering the mind and replacing with peace and joy.

$15 drop in
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